Sunday, October 2, 2011

Skulls Wedding

I loved doing this wedding!  I loved that it was different from your traditional wedding decor!  When Natalie contacted me I was hesitant at first, thinking I could not do this.  But if you have the will you can ha ha!  Natalie emailed me after the wedding and told me that she loved them and said I was one of the few that actually did what she wanted.  I thought that was so so sweet of her.  I guess in their religion they celebrate life with these skulls.  I researched it a little bit and was so fascinated by it all.  Congratulations to another beautiful Bride!!!  Thanks Natalie!!!

JaNae & John

 A friend of mine contacted me and wanted me to make her a small wedding cake for a wedding cupcake tower.  I was inspired by this idea from another friend of mine that just got married and had their names written on the cake.  I loved it and wanted to do the same with JaNae and John.  It turned out cute and matched perfect with their colors and flowers!  Thanks JaNae and congratulations!!!

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Utah Loves Cupcakes

Utah Loves Cupcakes


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