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I'm a self taught baker.  I absolutely love baking and cooking and always have.  I have a passion about food and desserts.  I love to experiment and take risks.  Everybody loves Cupcakes!  Cupcakes bring back memories of parties, mom's baking and more.  It seems that the popularity of cupcakes is making a comeback.  It is not uncommon for cupcakes to replace more traditional cakes at social gatherings, meetings, and even weddings.  Cupcakes are the perfect treat for one.  I try to make them quick and affordable for everyone! 2 years ago I started at home cupcake business in Pleasant Grove, Utah and hopefully will expand into a store site soon.   Through time I have learned many things about cupcakes. 
I absolutely love cupcakes! 

People always ask me "which cupcake is your favorite"  I have to say it's a tie between the Caramel Frappuccino and Better then WHAT cake!  I love these two!!!  Too much ha ha! 
Try my cupcakes, they are delicious and affordable.  I am one of the cheapest cupcake company's around.  I know we are in hard times right now and everyone deserves a cupcake. 
I hope you enjoy my site and enjoy my cupcakes! 

Alisha Nuttall- Cupcake Owner

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Utah Loves Cupcakes

Utah Loves Cupcakes


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