Wednesday, March 17, 2010

And the WINNER is...


I put all the names into a hat and had my little boy draw out the Winner, so Congratulations Magan, you've just won yourself 2 DOZEN FREE CUPCAKES of your choice!!! Thanks for following me! And please email me @ (your email) and I will get the following information I need from you :) Congratulations Again!!!

1 comment:

Lyns said...

I so wanted to win this, but here I am all the way in Vegas. :) By the way, I could NEVER make cupcakes like you make them. Those cupcakes that I made were super easy, or I wouldn't have made them. In fact, I'm craving some of yours right now. I swear I ate so many of the leftover cupcakes from Alecia's wedding. And you know how you said that you thought St. patty's was only for drinking? Well, who's to say there wasn't alcohol in that special green milk? Ha Ha.

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