Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Safari Birthday!

 Aren't these babies the cutest!  My friends are all sisters and all had babies last year around the same time so they decided to have a combine 1st year birthday party for their babies.  It was a Safari theme and I loved it !  What a cute idea!  They had their sister 'nlaw make their outfits and bibs.  They made the cute cute birthday hats and made so many cute decorations for the party.  I came up with these individual cakes with them.  Topped with a Safari animal, a number 1 and a banner with each childs name.  I also made cupcakes to follow the theme.  I just love what I do because of this!  I love creating fun and new things and watching kids enjoy my desserts!  Happy Birthday Savannah, Ty, and Remi!

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