Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What? Cupcakes at a movie theatre!!!

That's right Cravings Cupcakes are being sold at Water Gardens Cinemas 6 in Pleasant Grove Utah.   They are the "middle" price Movie Theatre.  They don't get the movies first but they don't get them last either like the dollar theatres.  They get them a few weeks after they are released and tickets are ONLY $3!!!  Concessions are only $1 and $2!!!  Crazy huh!  My gourmet cupcakes will be sold on weekends there for $2!  They are rich, delicious, and they will for sure get you your sugar fix.  Right now we are selling Peanut Butter Cup, White Chocolate Vanilla, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Darn Good Chocolate!  If you don't have time for a movie you can just grab yourself a cupcake on the left side concession stands.  
So my question...would you buy a cupcake at a Movie Theater?

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Utah Loves Cupcakes

Utah Loves Cupcakes


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