Sunday, January 15, 2012


It was my twinners bistros Grand Opening yesterday and holy crap was it CHAOS!!!  The second we opened the doors we had people waiting in a line out the door.  Wait time for food about 45 min to an hour!!!  We had a few up set people but a lot of happy people.  We felt really bad for those that had to wait so long for their food.  We thought it would be busy but not like this.  We actually ran out of food around 3 and had to close for an hour and a half to get more food, get re-stocked, and just re-freshen up.  I made about 600 cupcakes and around 2 most of them were sold out and around 4 they were completely gone.  I felt terrible, people were coming in just to get a cupcake and we had none :(  I am so so sorry about that, I hope that all of you come back, I promise the cupcakes are great and the grilled cheeses are delicious!  Angie and I were running around with our heads cut off but it was 110% worth it and we loved every second of the Chaos!!!  Thanks for all of your support, we love all of you so much!!!  Alisha - Cravings Cupcakes   Angie - Cravings Bistro

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